New South Wales fishery from the ports of Eden, Ulladulla, Woolongong,Yamba, Iluka, Tweed Head

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22nd March 2013

As we continued our journey around the coast of Australia, called in to Eden the first fishing port in the south of New South Wales.

Fishing Port of Eden, NSW


Trawler back in port.

Fleet at Eden wharf, NSW

wool pink 2wool pink boat

fleet eden wharf

Fishing Port of Ulladulla

Further up the coast is the port of Ulladulla and Dave from met up with Mario Puglisi who owns tuna longliners, Charissa and Gracie P.  Both yellow and blue fin tuna are targeted from here.

Gracie P was tied up in Ulladulla.

Charissagracie p

While there Dave spotted the Jordan Kate which was built by Alan Barnett


Alan Barnett is the boat builder from Bridport, Tasmania we met earlier in our trip.

jordan kate ulladulla

Port of Woolongong, NSW

Just south of Sydney is the port of Woolongong.

wool lighthouse


Amongst the boats in harbour that day was the Lochiel which had just shot its pots for crayfish and was getting prepared for a trip the following day to pick them up. The owner is Pasqual Brancatisani who bought the boat from a Scottish fisherman. Locheil is a sea loch which is very near to where is based in Lochaber, Scotland and it was surprising to see the name of this boat, on the other side of the world.


Other fishing ports in New South Wales include Newcastle, Port McQuarie, Coffs Harbour, Yamba, Iluka and finally Tweed Heads.

Port of Yamba

The shrimp fishery is currently underway and "school prawns" were being landed as we arrived in Yamba.


Dave met 29 year old skipper Trent Anderson whose family have been fishing here for 4 generations since the late 19th century.

trents boat prawn trawler yamba

The shrimp fishery here is sustained by the mighty Clarence River system and the school prawns grow to full size in just 2 months.


Prawn trawler back in port Yamba.

The king prawns are bigger but it is the school prawns that are the sweetest.


We can testify to that!

Port of Iluka

Iluka is the port on the other side of the Clarence River estuary from Yamba. There is a fleet of trawlers in Iluka who target whiting. These are destined for export to Thailand where they are processed and exported to Japan for provision of school dinners for Japanese school children! The rest of the Iluka fleet are targeting King Prawns and school prawns or shrimps.

Tweed Head

The port of Tweed Head is on the border between New South Wales and Queensland. The prawn fleet were coming back in to port as we arrived early in the morning.

tweeds head boat for sale

The prawn trawler Moonspinner is currently for sale on and is presently fishing for prawns.


Prawn trawler for saleclick for details.

Look out on for the next episode in this series, from Queensland.


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