Salmon Fishing on Parry Beach, WA

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1st April 2013

Salmon season on Parry Beach Western Australia is now well underway

When visited Parry Beach in February, Dave (FAFB) was chatting to David Kirkwood who described the highlight of the year which was when the salmon run into the bay in March. Unfortunately we were there too early in the year to see this event but David promised to let us know when it happened. True to his word, it was a pleasure to receive the following email on 1st April.

Good afternoon David

Well what can I say,


the Salmon Season here in the West was a bit late starting but now we are in full swing,knee deep in the Scales,Slime and Sand.

The First reports of Salmon and Tonnage coming up the Coast from Albany were more rumours than anything.

Image 1

Here at Parry Beach we have netted over 50 Tons so far.

We will freeze and cut the Salmon into portions and then they will beImage 2 shipped to Fremantle and sold for cray bait.

Hope you like the Photos


David Kirk (Volunteer)

Camping at Parry Beachparry1

Parry Beach is just west of Denmark in south west Australia and has a good old fashioned campsite with all the facilities you need but at a budget price - currently $11 per pitch per night. Pick your spot and call in to the caretaker's shack on the beach to pay.

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